Asbestos FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Asbestos

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  1. Will we be breaking the law if we do not have a survey?
  2. Do all buildings need a survey?
  3. What happens if you find asbestos on our premises?
  4. Will most buildings you survey have asbestos in them?
  5. How long has Asbestos been used in the construction industry?
  6. Will we wait a long time for the survey?
  7. What sort of report do we get?
  8. Do you keep a copy of our report on your computers?
  9. What type of surveys are there?
  10. How can we find out how much a survey will cost?
  11. Will my staff be made aware that you are looking for Asbestos?
  12. Do I have to close my premises if you find asbestos?
  13. Who will sue me if I do not have a report?
  14. I am buying/ selling a house do I need a survey?
  15. Will the neighbours know you are carrying out a survey?
  16. What qualifications do you have?
  17. Do I need floor plans?
  18. Can I leave you in the premises working on your own?
  19. Do you arrive in a marked vehicle?
  20. How many asbestos samples do you take?
  21. Do I have to have the asbestos you find removed?
  22. How many Asbestos Surveyors will turn up?
  23. Are the reports confidential?
  24. Do you wear a facemask and seal off areas?
  25. After the survey what happens during repair/renewal work on our premises?
  26. Is all asbestos the same?
  27. Can asbestos be found in materials in small or large percentages?
  28. Will there be any dust made during the survey?
  29. Will you damage my property?
  30. Can we stay working at the premises whilst the survey is carried out?
  31. Do you have to go everywhere in our building?
  32. How long will the survey take?
  33. What happens to locked – No access areas?
  34. Do photographs need to be taken?
  35. What is asbestos?
  36. Is it really dangerous?
  37. I heard that it was only a problem if it was disturbed? Is it True?
  38. Do you remove the asbestos when you find it?
  39. Will there be a lot of mess when it is removed?
  40. Can you do the necessary building work to replace what was there?
  41. After asbestos has been removed, does the property need to be resurveyed?
  42. How do we dispose of asbestos?
  43. Do we get a certificate to say we are clean? And does it have to be prominently displayed?