Condition Status Re-inspections & Register, Action Plan Updates

Re-inspection/Condition Surveys

After the initial asbestos management survey has been conducted, regular condition re-inspections (minimum 12monthly) are required in order to continually monitor the condition of previously identified ACM’s ) as part of regulation 4 CAR 2012) as part of the ongoing management of asbestos in buildings.

If a type 2 survey was completed to your premises prior to 2010 these are still valid but may require an audit/review to establish the extent of survey works completed. Upon review we maybe able to be upgrade them to management inspections or otherwise additional/new survey could be required.

Also, if a refurbishment survey has been completed but the building remains occupied after six months the survey must revert back to a management register with all recommendations and actions reviewed against day to day usage of the area to ensure areas remain safe when occupied.

We offer competitive prices on frameworks or one off annual re-inspections to surveys not completed by us and further discounts where we have past knowledge of the property/building by completing the original survey!

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