Are the reports confidential?

Q. Are the reports confidential?

A. Yes. An asbestos report is only given to the client.

If anyone is working on your property and before they are likely to either disturb asbestos materials or find out the areas of ACMs, they have a right to know the findings of the report. This is down to the management of the building.

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Work Examples

damaged-asbestos-paper-lagging-during-demolition woven-flash-pads-to-old-electrical-plant-units cement-flue-pipe-to-external-wall-of-building asbestos-board-panels-to-stairwell-of-boiler-room bituminous-pad-to-sink-unit cement-panel-ceiling-over-main-assembly-hall encapsulated-thermal-insulation-residues-to-main-boiler-units reinformed-composite-infill-panel-above-external-windows-to-perimeter-to-building cement-product-infill-panels