What happens if you find asbestos on our premises?

Q. What happens if you find asbestos on our premises?

A. This depends on the type location and mainly the condition of the Asbestos that is found on the premises. The recommendations vary from managing the asbestos in place. Clearly marking and not allowing disturbance with warning labels. In extreme cases it will be required removed to be removed immediately by a licensed Asbestos removal contractor.

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Work Examples

asbestos-floor-tiles-and-bitumen-adhesive cement-flue-pipe-to-external-wall-of-building corrugated-roof-to-domestic-garage corrugated-cement-wall-cladding asbestos-board-lining-to-timber-door asbestis-insulation-board-ceiling-tiles cement-product-lift-motor-brake-pads poor-condition-asbestos-board-ceiling-panels-to-old-cellar cement-product-external-floor-tiles