How many Asbestos Surveyors will turn up?

Q. How many Asbestos Surveyors will turn up?

A. Usually two asbestos surveyors but this is subject to the scale of works being completed. They will always have I.D and can produce this if requested. At the time of booking the survey, information on ETA and surveyors names can be given upon request.

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Work Examples

thermal-insulation-residues-to-walls-of-boiler-room asbestos-toilet-cistern asbestos-gaskets-to-pipe-flange-joints asbestos-board-infill-panels-sandwiched-by-plyboard bituminous-pad-to-sink-unit asbestos-paper-lining-under-vinyl-floor-covering section-lagging-to-heating-pipe-work-under-floor-voids raw-asbestos-board-ceiling-to-boiler-room-stairwell corrugated-asbestos-paper-form-lagging-to-heating-pipe-work