Do I need floor plans?

Q. Do I need floor plans?

A. We use floor plans along with photographs and description to locate and display information on the exact areas surveyed and from which samples are taken.

If no floor plans are present for the property we can draw and record our own sketch layout plans.

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Work Examples

asbestos-paper-lining-to-compressed-fibreboard-material poor-condition-asbestos-board-ceiling-panels-to-old-cellar damp-course-material-to-building cement-pipe-work-used-as-cable-sleeve exposed-thermal-insulation-material-to-pipe-work raw-asbestos-insulation-board-above-electrical-cupboard-doors asbesto-rope-gasket-seals-to-ventilation-duct-work loose-fill-asbestos-to-floor-void-space cement-panel-lining-to-roof-rafters-within-roof-void-space