Who will sue me if I do not have a report?

Q. Who will sue me if I do not have a report?

A. It is a requirement for all non- domestic properties to have an asbestos survey conducted, as part of the ‘duty to manage’ of asbestos materials within the property. So the HSE, have the powers to prosecute, any failure to comply with the legist ration. See the following website: www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/hse-asbestos.htm

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cement-infill-panels-above-windows woven-textile-packering-around-pipe-bracket rope-seal-lining-to-vertical-glazing-frame-work heavily-deteriarated-thermal-lagging-to-pipe-work-withn-roof-void cement-flue-cowl textured-coated-materials-located-behind-modern-plaster-and-paper-wall-lining corrugated-cement-wall-and-roof-lining-to-machinery-workshop asbesto-rope-gasket-seals-to-ventilation-duct-work thermal-insulation-residues-to-old-heating-pipe-work-to-boiler-room