Do we get a certificate to say we are clean?

Q. Do we get a certificate to say we are clean? And does it have to be prominently displayed?

A. No. The report is a living archive of the property outlining the areas where samples and surveying was conducted. It can be displayed at the reception desk or kept by the site facilities manager or person responsible for the property.

Contractors or any staff member or anyone using that property can ask to see the report and thus be informed as to the areas if any, containing asbestos materials.

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Work Examples

cement-infill-panels-above-windows raw-and-exposed-thermal-insulation-to-pipe-lagging-and-water-tank-within-roof-space asbestos-insulation-board-to-cupboard-doors asbestis-insulation-board-ceiling-tiles cement-panel-ceiling-over-main-assembly-hall asbestos-paper-lining-to-compressed-fibreboard-material thermal-insulation-debris-to-old-boiler-room-space thermal-insulation-residues-to-old-heating-pipe-work-to-boiler-room corrugated-cement-wall-and-roof-lining-to-machinery-workshop