Will you damage my property?

Q. Will you damage my property?

A. The taking of samples will be as discreet as possible but paint or tape sealing is completed and samples are taken in discreet locations where possible. Only during a Refurbishment or Demolition does heavy destructive inspections to areas take place. For this reason the areas should be fully vacant of all personnel and remain vacant after the survey until building works commences.

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Work Examples

asbestos-board-panels-to-stairwell-of-boiler-room woven-flash-pads-to-old-electrical-plant-units cement-panel-lining-to-walkin-fridge asbestos-rope-seal-located-within-metal-window-sill-to-building asbestos-board-upstand-and-surround-to-old-ceiling-system cement-product-external-floor-tiles reinforced-composite-panels-encasing-concrete-columns-to-building cement-flue-cowl poor-condition-thermal-insulation-to-old-heating-pipe-work