What type of survey do we need?

Q. What type of survey do we need?

A. The survey you require will be dependant on the works being completed.

For day to day maintenance activities and management an “Asbestos Management Survey” will be required.

This will identify any known acm materials within your property which are likely to be affected during day to day operation or minor maintenance activities. The survey also plays a key part when formulating a management plan for your building or portfolio of buildings.

Where building refurbishment works, IT or cabling installation or demolition works are being completed a “Refurbishment / Demolition Survey” will be required.

This is a destructive survey which inspects all areas including voids, cavities, behind dry lined walled, lift shafts etc. In fact anywhere that it is deemed safe to work. Detailed discussions are held between the client and the surveyor to establish all areas being affected by the proposed works to ensure associated areas which normally become affected are also taken into consideration.

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Work Examples

exposed-asbestos-paper-pipe-lagging-during-demolition-process cement-panels-below-and-above-windows-to-school-building thermal-insulation-residues-to-walls-of-boiler-room encapsulated-thermal-insulation-residues-to-main-boiler-units cement-product-flue-pipe-work-2 asbestos-stair-mosings raw-asbestos-board-ceiling-to-boiler-room-stairwell cement-product-infill-panels-below-windows-to-main-building corrugated-asbestos-paper-form-lagging-to-heating-pipe-work