How do we dispose of asbestos?

Q. How do we dispose of asbestos?

A. Due to the dangerous nature of asbestos containing materials it is best to leave any removal and disposal to a licensed contractor. They have the knowledge and equipment to correctly and safely remove the asbestos. Any asbestos waste must be taken to specialist waste landfill sites or waste transfer stations.

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Work Examples

rope-seal-lining-to-vertical-glazing-frame-work cement-product-external-floor-tiles gasket-material-to-front-burner-plate-of-boiler-unit woven-textile-packering-around-pipe-bracket raw-asbestos-board-ceiling-to-boiler-room-stairwell redundant-asbesto-gasket-materials-found-within-boiler-room asbestos-paper-lining-to-compressed-fibreboard-material corrugated-cement-roof-sheeting cement-flue-pipe-to-external-wall-of-building