What is asbestos?

Q. What is asbestos?

A. Asbestos is a naturally occurring incombustible mineral, and it is mined in much the same way, as coal is, mostly in countries such as Canada, and Australia. Due to its heat resilient nature it was used by the building industry, for insulation purposes, and fire retardation.

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Work Examples

rope-seals-to-roof-skylight-frame-work raw-asbestos-board-ceiling-to-boiler-room-stairwell cement-product-infill-panels asbestos-board-debris-which-remains-to-timber-joist-ceiling corrugated-cement-roof-sheeting asbestos-toilet-cistern cement-product-flue-pipe-work-2 asbestos-board-fillets-used-as-shuttering-around-concrete-floor asbestos-rope-seal-located-within-metal-window-sill-to-building