Do I have to have the asbestos you find removed?

Q. Do I have to have the asbestos you find removed?

A. No, it depends on the condition of the asbestos materials and the location. ACMs are not dangerous if they remain sealed and undisturbed! They only become hazardous to health is disturbed ie drilling into or broken. It is dependant on the condition of the material and the likelihood of it being disturbed which will establish whether its safer to leave in situ or remove.

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Work Examples

asbestos-insulation-board-to-under-stair-ceiling woven-flash-pads-to-old-electrical-plant-units damaged-asbestos-paper-and-fibreglass-lagging-to-old-heating-pipe-work asbestos-insulation-board-to-back-of-door asbestos-paper-lining-to-compressed-fibreboard-material cement-product-lift-motor-brake-pads cement-pipe-work-used-as-cable-sleeve exposed-sections-of-thermal-lagging-and-cloth-wrap woven-flash-pads-to-electrical-units