Will we wait a long time for the survey?

Q. Will we wait a long time for the survey?

A. Within 24 to 48 hours after we survey your property with samples for type 2 & type 3 asbestos surveys the analysis results from the laboratory can be emailed/faxed to you. The full report can be issued in either electronic or paper format with back up CD copies being available.

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Work Examples

asbestos-floor-tiles-located-within-a-domestic-property cement-based-roof-tiles poor-condition-thermal-insulation-to-old-heating-pipe-work cement-product-flue-pipe-work-2 corrugated-roof-to-domestic-garage cement-product-lift-motor-brake-pads redundant-asbesto-gasket-materials-found-within-boiler-room-2 asbestos-gaskets-to-pipe-flange-joints corrugated-asbestos-paper-form-lagging-to-heating-pipe-work