Do I have to close my premises if you find asbestos?

Q. Do I have to close my premises if you find asbestos?

A. Very rarely. Our survey maps the location, extent and condition of any asbestos materials, found on your property. The condition and location of the asbestos materials, governs, the recommendations in the survey report.

If the asbestos materials pose a health hazard to the users of the building and there is a potential to have asbestos fibres releasing into the environment we recommend that areas are sealed off.

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encapsulated-thermal-insulation-residues-to-main-boiler-units cement-product-packers-located-to-underside-of-floor-duct-hatch-surround woven-textile-packering-around-pipe-bracket cement-product-pipe-work raw-asbestos-board-ceiling-to-boiler-room-stairwell corrugated-cement-wall-and-roof-lining-to-machinery-workshop asbestos-board-shuttering-around-floor-duct-opening asbesto-rope-gasket-seals-to-ventilation-duct-work thermal-insulation-to-old-heating-pipe-work