What happens to locked – no access areas?

Q. What happens to locked – no access areas?

A. These are noted down and recorded on the final asbestos survey report although every effort must be made to access them. In the future these areas can be revisited, and then the report updated to include them.

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Work Examples

asbestos-insulation-board-to-back-of-door cement-product-external-floor-tiles rope-seal-lining-to-vertical-glazing-frame-work-2 cement-roof-tile-debris-within-roof-void-space reinformed-composite-infill-panel-above-external-windows-to-perimeter-to-building cement-panel-ceiling-over-main-assembly-hall cement-product-flue-pipe-work-2 asbestos-insulation-board-access-hatch-panels exposed-thermal-insulation-material-to-pipe-work