Do you remove the asbestos when you find it?

Q. Do you remove the asbestos when you find it?

A. No. Asbestos products have to be handled in a certain way. The remit of the asbestos survey is to map out the asbestos containing materials. Then a licensed asbestos removal contractor is used to remove and correctly dispose of the items that are highlighted in the report.

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Work Examples

asbestos-insulation-board-to-back-of-door cement-product-lift-motor-brake-pads asbestos-board-upstand-and-surround-to-old-ceiling-system textured-coated-materials-located-behind-modern-plaster-and-paper-wall-lining poor-condition-asbestos-board-ceiling-panels-to-old-cellar woven-flash-pads-to-electrical-units reinformed-composite-infill-panel-above-external-windows-to-perimeter-to-building decorative-paint-finish-to-extenal-wall-of-property cement-based-roof-tiles