I heard that it was only a problem if it was disturbed? True?

Q. I heard that it was only a problem if it was disturbed? Is it True?

A. Yes this is true. If the material containing the asbestos fibres is not disturbed the potential to release fibres is kept to a minimum.

Only when the material is cut, scraped, impacted or corrupted in anyway to release the asbestos fibres does it become a problem. Over time materials can weather or start to decompose, if this is the case then crumbling can occur and fibres can be released. During a survey, the condition of the Asbestos containing material is taken into account.

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Work Examples

asbestos-board-lining-to-timber-door cement-panel-lining-to-roof-rafters-within-roof-void-space poor-condition-asbestos-board-ceiling-panels-to-old-cellar asbestos-gaskets-to-pipe-flange-joints asbestos-insulation-board-access-hatch-panels textured-coated-materials-located-behind-modern-plaster-and-paper-wall-lining stair-nosing-material asbestos-paper-lining-under-mmmf-and-cloth-lagging raw-and-exposed-thermal-insulation-to-pipe-lagging-and-water-tank-within-roof-space