Do you wear a facemask and seal off areas?

Q. Do you wear a facemask and seal off areas?

A. Yes, we wear face-masks when taking samples along with our standard PPE and overalls. The object of conducting a survey is to obtain samples without polluting the environment. If during a survey we discover a dangerous asbestos material in very poor condition we would discretely discuss this with the onsite contact and sealing off an area. However, this is an extreme occurrence.

During the survey we may control the movement of personnel until an area has been surveyed.

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Work Examples

gasket-material-to-front-burner-plate-of-boiler-unit cement-product-infill-panels thermal-insulation-residues-to-old-heating-pipe-work-to-boiler-room asbestos-board-infill-panels-sandwiched-by-plyboard cement-panel-lining-to-walkin-fridge asbestos-board-fillets-used-as-shuttering-around-concrete-floor asbestos-textured-coated-ceiling-to-louge-area-of-domestic-property cement-based-roof-tiles cement-product-flue-pipe-work