Will there be a lot of mess when it is removed?

Q. Will there be a lot of mess when it is removed?

A. Asbestos is dangerous down to a microscopic fibre level so all of the material containing the asbestos fibres needs to be removed. The licensed asbestos removal contractor is someone who has to carefully assess and remove all the material without creating dust which would pollute the area.

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Work Examples

thermal-insulation-residues-to-old-heating-pipe-work-to-boiler-room exposed-asbestos-paper-pipe-lagging-during-demolition-process asbestos-board-to-bulkhead-above-shop-front-and-behind-wood-overboard asbestos-gaskets-to-pipe-flange-joints textured-decorative-coating-on-concrete-ceiling woven-textile-packering-around-pipe-bracket asbestos-floor-tiles-located-within-a-domestic-property corrugated-asbestos-paper-form-lagging-to-heating-pipe-work damp-course-material-to-building