Can I leave you in the premises working on your own?

Q. Can I leave you in the premises working on your own?

A. All our asbestos surveyors are security cleared, after introduction and being shown around your property we can be safely left to carry out the survey.

For areas that are of a sensitive nature or locked areas you may require someone to accompany BSafe personnel.

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Work Examples

asbestos-paper-lining-under-vinyl-floor-covering damaged-asbestos-paper-and-fibreglass-lagging-to-old-heating-pipe-work cement-panels-below-and-above-windows-to-school-building textured-coated-materials-located-behind-modern-plaster-and-paper-wall-lining asbestos-stair-mosings reinforced-composite-panels-encasing-concrete-columns-to-building textured-decorative-coating-on-concrete-ceiling asbestos-paper-lining-to-compressed-fibreboard-material cement-flue-pipe-to-external-wall-of-building