Do photographs need to be taken?

Q. Do photographs need to be taken?

A. Yes. Photographs are used to record the exterior and interior of the property and to help, identify the areas where samples were taken or items like boilers and heaters.

Some clients request that certain areas, rooms, floors etc… are not photographed this is ok and noted down on the survey report.

We do not photograph personnel faces or items like car number plates. At the end of the survey a client may examine the digital photographs taken around their property.

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Work Examples

reinformed-composite-infill-panel-above-external-windows-to-perimeter-to-building asbestos-gaskets-to-pipe-flange-joints reinforced-composite-panels-encasing-concrete-columns-to-building rope-seals-to-roof-skylight-frame-work floor-tiles-under-carpet-covering cement-roof-tile-debris-within-roof-void-space thermal-insulation-debris-to-old-boiler-room-space exposed-asbestos-paper-pipe-lagging-during-demolition-process cement-product-infill-panels-below-windows-to-main-building