What sort of report do we get?

Q. What sort of report do we get?

A. The report is detailed as set out by the HSE in their document HSG264 Asbestos – The Survey Guide. The report will contain, analysis of samples, details of the extent, location and type of asbestos or otherwise found on the property. Recommendations for the asbestos materials and a risk score are included. This forms the ‘duty to manage’ of the asbestos related materials on the property.

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Work Examples

asbestos-board-lining-to-timber-door cement-product-fillets-used-as-undercloak-to-tiled-roof poor-condition-asbestos-board-ceiling-panels-to-old-cellar asbestos-floor-tiles-and-bitumen-adhesive corrugated-cement-wall-cladding asbestos-board-fire-break-lining-to-main-corridor-of-university textured-coated-materials-located-behind-modern-plaster-and-paper-wall-lining asbestos-insulation-board-to-cupboard-doors asbestos-rope-seal-located-within-metal-window-sill-to-building